[Wolves] I'm back..trying again.

David Morgan david.morgan at wadham.oxford.ac.uk
Sun Jul 3 13:11:59 BST 2005

On 11:29 Sun 03 Jul     , Adam Sweet wrote:
> Secondly, people are finding that Linux isn't as fast
> compared to Windows and primarily this is due to the

Windows XP was released several years ago, FC4 was released this year,
so expecting FC4 to be fast on on machines that are a few years old (as
I assume this one is - the ones I have of a similar spec are) is unfair.
Just wait 'til longhorn comes out, last I heard explorer used 2GB
of ram in the alpha versions (I expect that'll be lower when it's
actually released but it's still not going to be small).

FC4 probably has lots of services etc running that wouldn't be started by
default if you were running something like slackware or debian, but I
suspect that gnome is the main culprit in general slowness (OOo is
always going to be slow I'd have though, but then word xp always seemed
slow to me on a similar machine).

You might like to try xfce or something more lightweight, and maybe
even a different distro.


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