[Wolves] RE: shallow seems to be the hardest word.

Kelly, Martin Martinkelly at wlv.ac.uk
Mon Jul 4 13:18:42 BST 2005

 Being shallow, means never having to say you're sorry.
> Mart ;)
Kevin replied
Well I was seriously impressed.  It would be an ideal way of weening
somebody off Microsoft.  With things working straight away why bother
with M$? More technically challenging versions of Linux could come
next for a new user.

Nah, I wasn't having a dig. It's fantastic when something "just works".  I remember getting a DVD to play in my pc, running BLAG ( FED3 Derivative), and wetting meself when it "just" happened.  I think that Its nice when something works out of the box, but its not just about replacing windows as an OS.  There's a great feeling when you do something under the bonnet that makes it work. It is not so much about computer literacy ( and Vendor lock-in) but computer lingustics, so to speak. It gives you a great sense of power when you know that you did something just by typing a command or two.  If linguistics is the word to use, I'd be on Berlitz book of computer language for tourists.  There aren't enough (any?) courses on Linux around for beginners to take the plunge, its all largely words of mouth.  If only there was a better way to get people to make the change.
Mart. :)
( who thinks shallow can be pretty damn cool.)

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