[Wolves] "Minutes from last nights meeting"

Kat Goodwin kat at codepoets.co.uk
Thu Jul 7 15:23:34 BST 2005

David Goodwin wrote :
> In attendance :
> - The Inner Circle {tm}
> Outcomes :
> 1) Next meeting will be at the pie factory. In a fortnights time.

"What the hell is the Pie Factory?", I hear you shout...
Apparently, its a pub that sells good pies.

> 2) The meeting after this will be at the Spice Balti (just over the road 
> from the Standard)
Anyone like to post details about this?

> 3) Suggestions are welcome as to locations to meet within and around 
> Wolverhampton. (Stourbridge is not an option !....)
We've been talking to someone who knows about a chinese restaurant in
Oldbury that might have a suitable setup.  My instinct is that this is
too far from Wolverhampton.  Comments?

> 4) Jono to update website
yes please! (and infopoint, at least until we think some more about
patching it or whatever)


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