[Wolves] Re: Roundyz secret identity?

Andy Wootton andy.wootton at wyrley.demon.co.uk
Thu Jul 7 21:14:29 BST 2005

David Goodwin wrote:

>>I've been worried about the 'initiation ceremony'. I would have hated it 
>>when I was young. 
>The whole point of "standing up" is so everyone in the room has a chance
>to say hello, possibly learn your name and at least possibly stick a
>name to a face. 
I know, but if your legs go wobbly, you spend the rest of the evening 
soaked in your own sweat and can't actually remember what your name is 
when you are standing there, that advantage can be lost on you. Fear of 
public speaking is very common so if a person's first LUG experience is 
traumatic it doesn't encourage repeat visits.

>I do think a LUG meeting can be hard for new members to feel comfortable at,
>and feel like they are part of something (and not being ignored in the
I think that depends on the individual. I'm still happier sitting 
quietly in the corner until I feel I know everone and that's after 20 
years of confidence building.

> This is especially the case as some members (Jono/Aq/Ade/Kat
>etc [+]) can be quite loud etc.
>+ - I'm only loud when I'm drinking beer, at which point you'll all hear Kat
>telling me off for shouting.
Do you enjoy the danger or the pain most?


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