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Jon Farmer jonfarmer at enta.net
Fri Jul 8 10:09:13 BST 2005

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sparkes wrote:

> jennies nan and grandad missed one of the birmingham pub bombs by
> 20mins, if they had got a second round in they probably would have died.
> Jennie has a massive fear of terrorism as a result and hates me using
> trains.  We had been planning a trip to the british museum in 2 weeks
> time (which she was already apprensive about, everytime I get on a train
> or go to London she shites herself) and the bus blowing up just outside
> was the last straw.

I was driving round Telford town centre yesterday lunch time and I was
following 2 buses. I suddenly got a really wierd "what if" feeling. I
also realised that,  although the demographic of the people in the
London bus was probably different they are no more or less human than
the people on the bus in front of me. It really was a sobering thought
for me.

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Jon Farmer

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