[Wolves] vanishing e-mail - MTA

Rob Annable rob.annable at gmail.com
Fri Jul 8 14:08:32 BST 2005

My e-mail is disappearing. After about 12 hours of not receiving a
single mail I started to get suspicious. Today I've tested it by
sending a mail from my gmail account to my main account. It shows up
when I visit the webmail portal in my browser, then later it
disappears when I revisit.

Something, somewhere is pulling down my mail.

Is it possible that the mail transfer agent settings in YaST in SuSE
is doing it? I have a machine switched on at home that I've just set
up with SuSE/KDE. All I've done so far is install it and fiddled with
a few network settings. I filled in a few boxes in the Mail Transfer
Agent without being entirely sure what I was doing. My understanding
was that it simply held the info and something like fetchmail has to
be invoked to actually query the account - is this correct? Or is it
periodically checking my inbox and fetching my mail?

If that's the case, where on earth is it putting it?


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