[Wolves] After that how about Crackling Sound and Boot-ups.

Bobby Singh bs_wm at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Jul 8 20:27:32 BST 2005


I would of sent this earler however i thought i wait
the tide was over.  Glad it is and everyone is

Crackling Sound;

Now i have installed Vector.  Like all linux
distros(except mandrake were allmost everything
worked). The sound is crackling especaily onilne with
firefox.  Normally I solve this via the KDE sound
control centre.  Then changing the values untill it
got better.  It seems this problem is independent of
distros so is there a proper way i can solve this. 
Instead of my 'ad-hoc' 'trail and error' way of doing
it which IS NOT working in vector.


I have always used Grub.  When i installed vector it
installs lilo however during instalation i did'nt do
that on MBR.  Normally i would go into mepis and
change menu.lst and boot any distro.  This time it is
not working with vector.  Looking at the vector files
I think it is a 'intrid' problem.  This i think is due
to vector being assocaited with lilo.
So what i am going to do is to install my own grub on
a host ditro (mepis).  Boot grub with floppy and
install my grub on MBR and on vector's file structure.
Is this the right idea?
Is this completly wrong reasoning?



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