[Wolves] Php photo page

Wayne Morris wayne at machx.co.uk
Wed Jul 13 11:47:21 BST 2005

Before I start trying to bash one together , anyone know of one or one I 
can adjust.

I want to make a page that will take one passport photo (or larger) , 
resize if necessary to passport size and then
produce a page with as many passport sized copies (identical images) on 
one page as will fit (probably 6 *6?), ready to print.

The diveshop I go to needs a passport sized photo for every new 
qualification you gain, so a nice webpage that can mass produce pics
from one image would be really useful for them. Then this page can be 
filed with the divers info and pics cut out as required.

So I just need to
upload and save image
display image repeated in table

which isn't rocket science, but heven't got time to do from scratch at 
the mo.
I know it could be done using Windows print , but thats boring isn't it!


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