[Wolves] Destitute MySQL

Andrew Lewis andrew at monkeysailor.co.uk
Fri Jul 15 16:57:07 BST 2005

Got a bit of a strange one here..... The answer is probably obvious, but 
I just don't get it.

I'm running a LAMP on FC3, and for some reason my mysql server won't 
connect on localhost, but it will connect on the actual IP of the 
machine (
Am I just thick, or is this just strange. I've more or less removed, 
updated and reinstalled all the AMP bit of LAMP, but to no avail. My 
hosts file looks OK, and everything seems to work otherwise.

I've worked around the problem, but I don't get why I should have to 
give the machine address instead of localhost. The machine is sitting 
behind an IPCOP, so there are no iptables or anything that could 
interfere. I'm willing to let it work like this until I reinstall, but I 
just need to know WTF it thinks it's doing so I can get some sleep.


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