[Wolves] Destitute MySQL

Wayne Morris wayne at machx.co.uk
Fri Jul 15 17:30:08 BST 2005

Andrew Lewis wrote:

> Got a bit of a strange one here..... The answer is probably obvious, 
> but I just don't get it.
> I'm running a LAMP on FC3, and for some reason my mysql server won't 
> connect on localhost, but it will connect on the actual IP of the 
> machine (
> Am I just thick, or is this just strange. I've more or less removed, 
> updated and reinstalled all the AMP bit of LAMP, but to no avail. My 
> hosts file looks OK, and everything seems to work otherwise.
> I've worked around the problem, but I don't get why I should have to 
> give the machine address instead of localhost. The machine is sitting 
> behind an IPCOP, so there are no iptables or anything that could 
> interfere. I'm willing to let it work like this until I reinstall, but 
> I just need to know WTF it thinks it's doing so I can get some sleep.
> Ideas?
> Ms
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Mysql has variuos permissions for who can connect from where, ie you can 
set that root can only connect from localhost , from another server or both
This looks usefull

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