[Wolves] Re: telewest broadband breaking contract

roundyz roundyz at hotpop.com
Sun Jul 17 10:57:50 BST 2005

>"If you are in the mood for a legal battle I think I've read in the last 
>couple of days that Telewest sold their service as 'uncapped' and have 
>subsequently capped it so they may well have broken their implied contract."

Interesting, I used to thrape my broadband connection, usenet all the way. But 
my habbits have changed now and capping wouldn't bother me. What date do you 
know that the capping started from? I read on broadband forums that they was 
thinking of it, after a merger with NTL. this is all speculation of course. 
They also are trialing 10mg broadband but with caps what would be the point?

>Pretty much the reason I left Firenet and went to Plus Net.  Plus Net
>have also now dropped their fair usage policy as well as absorbing the
>connection charge and giving - so far - a damned good service :-):-)

Does the modem they give you free (usb) does it work with linux? does it have 
a ethernet port on it also? or do you use your own?

thanks again for the help.

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