Digital Cameras (was Re: [Wolves] Re: Wolves Digest, Vol 96, Issue 14)

Andy Wootton andy.wootton at
Sat Jul 23 00:19:40 BST 2005

roundyz wrote:

>I like the fuji7000, I think it's for me.
They certainly get very good reviews. That might well have been my 
personal choice when I started looking for the kids because I'm used to 
the bulk and weight of a metal-bodied Pentax MX with a mechanical 
shutter that I bought in about 1982.  It's got a small dent in it where 
I dropped it on concrete. The concrete probably had a dent too.

I've realised how many photographs I've missed over the years by not 
having a camera with me. My daughter takes her Pentax everywhere, 
because she can.


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