[Wolves] PHP/MySQL help please

David Goodwin dg at clocksoft.com
Mon Jul 25 20:54:00 BST 2005

Wayne Morris wrote :
> Did you see my reply?
> It WON'T work unless you install Apache,Mysql and php TOGETHER in one 
> operation, if you install them all separately they ignore each other.
> Use apt-get install apache,mysql,php  (not correct syntax, but thats the 
> principle.
> I banged my head on this more than once and thats what you have to do!

Only if you have a really naff packaging system. Debian has always done
this perfectly fine (in my experience); the most you should need to do is either :

1) Restart Apache after messing around, so the PHP mysql/pgsql/gd etc library 
is loaded.

2) Enable the module for Apache (Debian has the command "a2enmod" for this, after running restart apache).

3) Edit the Apache configuration file to include said module.

4) Create MySQL databases etc.

(I've rarely used RedHat or SuSE in anger, so I could be wrong about


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