[Wolves] Squid and SquidGuard

David Goodwin dg at clocksoft.com
Thu Jul 28 21:16:37 BST 2005

Mo Awkati wrote :
> Hi 
> I have looked at the websites for squid and SquidGuard
> and they seem to be what I need to help my friend with
> control of the internet (the friend with Tiscali and
> modem!!!). How easy is it to install and configure
> them? Does it have to be on a server, or can it be
> installed on a normal pc? or am I likely to be out of
> my league??

Hi Mo,

"Define a server" ?  How is my ex-desktop PC any different from a
server? It acts as one (on all the time, running a lot of services etc);
but it's not quite what e.g. IBM would call a server; but then it's not
exactly serving a million and one end users.

Squid and Squidguard can be installed on any sort of server/server. 
I suspect anything with more than 200Mhz CPU would be perfectly adequate.
I had a brief look at the help files online not so long ago (for SquidGuard)
and it appeared to have quite a good website - you can define who 
(ip address(s)) and when (time range etc) can access the internet 
(and what they can access). 

I think it has some semi intelligent matching of porn/warez/illegal 
keywords in the content scanning, although the only installation I 
know that uses SquidGuard has a very limited whitelist of "ok" sites 
to view.

Have fun,
David Goodwin
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