[Wolves] Apple moving to Intel?

chris procter chris-procter at talk21.com
Mon Jun 6 10:29:25 BST 2005

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> > Sorry, it's sort of OT but as many on here use
> Apple's.
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> > http://uk.news.yahoo.com/050604/80/fkepw.html
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> > That's what it looks like at the moment....but
> will it happen?
> If this is indeed true, it is a truly bizarre move.
> Whatever I may think of Apple's practices, the fact
> remains that their
> architecture is still superior to that of a PC. 
> Going with Intel just
> doesn't make sense, unless they have agreed to make
> Apple-friendly
> non-x86/IA64 chips.
> Dan

Ooooooh now OSX on IA64 theres a good rumour:-
Intel to throw money at Apple to produce OSX for IA64
to breath new life into their rapidly sinking
expensive new architecture. It would be much better at
PPC emulation (for backwards compatibility) then any
x86 chip, MS have pulled support for it, and Intel
have spent so much cash on it already whats a few more
hundred million if they get a fully working household
name OS with good software support and pretensions of
high end workstation/low end server grandeur.

Imagine an xgrid cluster of those.


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