[Wolves] Bizarre network problem

David Morley davmor2 at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 8 11:06:37 BST 2005

just out of interest are you on cable?

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>Subject: [Wolves] Bizarre network problem
>Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2005 10:30:17 +0100
>Hi all
>I'm having a bizarre network problem at work.  The configuration here
>is that we have a smoothwall box connected directly to a debian
>domain/web/fileserver, which NATs the internet and acts a bridge
>between the wired and wireless network.
>Or it did NAT the internet.  At about 12:30 on monday it stopped doing
>that.  Dead.  I believe it is trying to but has no access itself,
>although it still gets an IP from the smoothie box and when I connect
>clients directly to the smoothie they can connect to the internet.
>So I thought, 'it must have died', and being someone who frankly still
>has mostly a Microsoft background I thought 'I know, I'll reboot both
>boxes' (admittedly this was after sshing in and looking around and
>finding nothing apparently amiss).
>No difference.  Although I was able to access the web interface of
>smoothwall throughout all this.  Using that interface, I found out
>that the internet was connected and we had an external IP.  I could
>log into the smoothie no problem and ssh out from there to my home
>In desperation, I enabled the smoothie proxy.  Aha!  Web access
>returned!  Although then I couldn't access the web interface any
>more....  Switch back to direct connection, I could again, but no web
>access again.  I understand not being able to access the web interface
>because of the port number, but I can't understand not being able to
>access the 'net through NAT like I was able to before.  I changed
>/nothing/ (that I know of) on the server which could have done this.
>I'm completely baffled.
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