[Wolves] cygwin

Dick Turpin highwayman.turpin at gmail.com
Fri Jun 10 21:45:32 BST 2005

Evenin All

Anyone played with cygwin? I'm in the process of setting it up at work on my 
Spa.. machine, Oops I mean Email marketing machine ;-)

As running Linux as a full blown work related system is a No, no I thought I'd 
try another slight of hand approach. Firefox on Windows has gone down well.

In typical Pete style I didn't bother to read the howto I just jumped straight 
in! I downloaded the installer, very slick I might add, and started the 

I saw the bit about 'rebaseall -v' which didn't work but did get a command 
prompt I tried 'startx &' but that failed too so off I went via the 
installer, which is a bit like apt-get, and installed X and gnome.

Now we're getting somewhere, doing 'startx &' gives me a GUI shell. Back to 
the KDE website and I spotted my mistake, all you need to do is install the 
default 1st bit (the base system) then add the URL line in the text 
explanation! on KDE's website http://something-or-other/kde/install

Why on earth you have to add this in afterwards, manually, is beyond me the 
installer is dead easy to use once you realise what it is and does, I would 
have thought it would have been simple enough to tell it "install the base 
system then install the KDE bits" from what I can see its only any good for 
KDE anyway! and my ignorant perspective its all done from a PHP file anyway!

I'm hoping on Monday I can delete the Gnome stuff I installed and get it to 
load KDE (All I'm after is KMail running on Windows XP) if not I reckon I'll 
have to uninstall the lot and start again. :-(

Any thoughts anyone?

Dick Turpin
highwayman.turpin at gmail.com
"Stand and Deliver"

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