[Wolves] Objects, process modelling architectures, UML and Agile methods

Andy Wootton andy.wootton at wyrley.demon.co.uk
Wed Jun 22 00:25:34 BST 2005

Katherine Goodwin wrote:

> A whiteboard is definitely superior to powerpoint.  Although we used 
> TogetherJ for our use cases, we used a huge whiteboard for our 
> Entity-Relationship diagram (and derivatives) and took photos at 
> various stages for posterity...
> Once we'd started developing on it, it was then transferred to dia (I 
> think), and updated from there, but for the initial couple of weeks of 
> design, the whiteboard was invaluable.
> Welcome to Agile Modelling!
> Kat

I thank you.

I was considering scanning this:
(A4 is more expensive than A3)

but now I've realised that you can put bends in the lines and take them 
out by double-clicking,  I'm very impressed by Umbrello. I've only tried 
it for activity diagrams but it has to be at least an order of magnitude 
faster than using Powerpoint.

I showed my new boss my first complete Umbrello UML diagram and he asked 
what tool I'd used. I was starting to explain that once I'd got the 
layout right on my Linux laptop I could transfer it over to 
Microsoft-the-one-true-faith and he said he was just wondering if we 
could set up a Linux server and give people X clients on their PCs. My 
flabber has never been so ghasted. I work for someone without pointy hair!

Woo (Hoo!)

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