[Wolves] OT: 2 Live8 tickets possibly available - Hyde Park this Saturday 2nd July

Peter Cannon peter at cannon-linux.co.uk
Tue Jun 28 10:16:05 BST 2005

On Monday 27 June 2005 21:38, Peter Oliver wrote:

> >> My sister appears willing to sell her pair of tickets to the Live8
> >> concert in Hyde Park this Saturday.

Seeing as Mr Turpin was mentioned I suppose I'll respond on his behalf.

> > Sounds like a rather disgusting auction.


I don't want to get into a political correctness witch hunt but INMHO only a 
very small amount actually gets to that small baby.

A lot gets siphoned off by government officials both here in the UK and in the 
African country's this money is destined for.

Like it or not we live and will always live in a capitalist world and money 
makes the world go round.

I'm NOT anti charity persay I myself give regularly to the NSPCC and my girls 
give to the air ambulance it breaks my heart to see them give their last 10p 
but they do it happily.

The problem with Live Aid is while it has the highest moral reasons for being 
held the vast majority just want to see the bands.

IMHO the majority of people are not suicidally bothered about the charity bit 
it may salve their ego and its a good line to use in the pub "I gave a tenner 
to live aid" but at the end of the day Bob Geldof knows he needs to put on a 
show to get the money, if he just stood up in Hyde park speakers corner and 
said "GIVE YOUR MONEY NOW!!!!!" he'd get about £50.00
> I fail to see how people selling their tickets (on eBay or otherwise) is
> any different to newspapers and radio stations giving them away to promote
> their own publications, and I don't hear of anyone cracking down on that.

I don't know how much the tickets cost but I have to ask myself the question 
if they were £10.00, £100.00 or a £1000.00 and people purchased them from 
various outlets even if the promotors said all money goes to charity the 
majority of people would still have bought them to see the bands.

Now heres the important bit!

I've seen the post this morning regarding ID cards and personal freedom if I 
have tickets I would have bought them one way or another either by the charge 
to my phone or (If it was the case) from an outlet.

As I have paid my own money for these items I'm of the opinion that I can 
dispose of them however I see fit plus I would have fulfilled Sir Bobs gaol 
of giving money to live aid.

Ultimately this smacks of greed on the side of charity they've had their share 
but if you've got or made a little bit more they want that too.

I for one will not donate to that kind of operation my view is you've had your 
money be content with that as I didn't have to give you anything.

So the question posed is;

If you're on the march to stop freedom related issues and yet you don't 
support peoples right to sell their own property  as far as I'm concerned 
your a hypocrite who only beats the drum of "You bastard making a profit out 
of someones misery" because they think it makes them look cool.

> I do, however, wonder why someone would enter a lottery for a prize they
> didn't want to win.

Because now they have another chance of winning it.

I await the flames.

Peter Cannon
Fedora Core 4 & Suse 9.3

"There is every excuse for not knowing,
There is no excuse for not asking!"
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