[Wolves] Linux Display

Stuart Langridge sil at kryogenix.org
Fri Mar 4 09:54:17 GMT 2005

On 4/3/2005, "Peter Cannon" <peter at cannon-linux.co.uk> wrote:
>Now before we all jump on the Spam crusade we need to take a step back and 
>think about it like sensible adults. I agree there is loads of Spam out there 
>but its not as simple as the knee jerk reaction I see on a daily basis, its 
>dead easy to say "Your spamming me you bast$£%@d".
>I'm not defending Spamming!

Sounds to me like you are.

>One mans Spam is another mans advertising I had a guy ring Monday to say your 
>spamming me then in the next breath "Having said that I'm interested in the 
>Laptop your offering" he then went on to buy it. Hes not the first or the 
>last, so its a tough call is it spamming or is it advertising?

How many mails did you send out? What percentage of the mail receivers
bought a laptop?

>Simple solution you don't want junk mail? don't advertise your address!

Don't want your house burgled? Brick up your front door!


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