[Wolves] Tar without directory structure

Wayne Morris wayne at machx.co.uk
Fri Mar 4 13:19:21 GMT 2005

James Turner wrote:

>Use command line option "-C <directory>" (or "--directory <directory>") to 
>change to the /home/test/campics directory.
>See "man tar" for further information :) :)
I did actually read up on this before I first mailed, but couldn't make 
sense of it and all my attempts failed ;-)

The way I read this directive:

eg pics are in /var/www/html/campics/
archives to go in /var/www/html/campics/archive/

I would include the C switch as:

tar -cf -C /var/www/html/campics/ /archives/test.tar *.jpeg

ie change to root where pics are, save them as test.tar in the sub 
directory /archive, grabbing * in the directory you were in.
This doesn't work, seems to hang , and if it did work i would probably 
expect the jpegs to still be encased in one folder within the tar.

How should this syntax be written?


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