[Wolves] Just Bragging

chris procter chris-procter at talk21.com
Tue Mar 8 14:13:39 GMT 2005

> I've had two DECs but never really figured out what
> to use them for, so 
> I ended up giving them away. I think one went to
> someone in this LUG.

The one I used ran the phone system (oh ok it was one
of 100+ box cluster that provided all sorts of
interesting intelligence stuff for BT's network). It
sounds quite impressive untill I say that all I did on
it was write shell scripts. Thats the thing about big
impressive machines, you expect them to be really
different maybe ending world hunger and redecorating
your house while you sleep, but in the end they do
exactly the same things as small machines only more at
once and then only if you can feed enough tasks to
> David.
> (Still waiting for his el-cheapo Ultra5 to arrive)
Mmmmmm now I wouldn't mind an Ultra, I did think about
getting a Sun Blade, but my bank manager intervened.


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