[Wolves] web graphics question

Mo Awkati mawkati at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Mar 15 19:51:03 GMT 2005

Hi Folk

I am sorry I didn't keep up with the thread, I was
away from my beloved computer.

I agree that people should know that IE is not such a
good browser etc. But how do you explain this to a 75
year old who is just getting to grips with his or her
computer and will not understand, nor is expected to
understand, what a broken Alpha channelis? Also, they
are unlikley to know how to install another browser.
The majority of the website visitors are not pc savvy.

These are the sort of pc users that M$ exploits. I get
hot up about it for this reason. I shall have to think
about who to deal with it now that I have more
information about the issue.


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