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Dick Turpin highwayman.turpin at gmail.com
Wed Mar 30 16:46:32 BST 2005

Wolves LUG (Operating Schmuk)

March 29th - You know where it is! (ys but its the 30th right ?)


1. Jono
2. Aq.
3. Ade
4. Woo (just curious - and maybe late)
5.  Kat (wasn't sure if I could make it, but I feel a friendly
discussion with Ade coming on! :-) )   (GULP)
6.  David
7.  Dan (maybe - right now I'm feeling completely knackered but I'll
see how I feel after the snooze at work :) )
8. Dick Turpin (I'm going but that git Cannon won't be there) --LOL

Late Go's

Inconsiderate bastards:

1. Chris B. (unless someone wants to pay my way :P)
2. Simon B. (though i may come, seeing that its my  21st on the
following tuesday)
3. Ad - unlikely, I'm in the shit with uni work at the moment, though
I might try to drop in as it's been too long.
4. Kevan - sorry everybody, I was hoping to make this one but being as
I am in the dog house with my nearest and dearest :-(((

Dick Turpin
"Stand and deliver!"

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