[Wolves] Linux on an old PC

Old Dan djones9960 at gmail.com
Tue May 3 13:24:01 BST 2005

> I shall not even bother going to watch it, the original was crap.
> Sorry, the only comic sci-fi I have ever enjoyed (only the first
> couple of series at that) was Red Dwarf.  I just hate comic sci-fi.
> It disgusted me that they had to have stupid and ridiculous bits in
> the new Doctor Who - a wheelie bin eating somebody, aliens farting
> left, right and centre...please, no!  I know it's probably sacrilige
> to bad mouth HHGTTG
Yes.  Yes it is.  :)

 but in my book it's the same as the Pratchett
> stuff, awful.
I guess there's no accounting for taste then, is there?  Speaking for
myself I actually /like/ the Pratchett books.

  I'm more into the decent serious E.E Doc Smith type
> sci-fi or Crichton's stuff like 'Prey'.
...that's stuff that makes me want to punch the wall.  It takes itself
waaaaaay too seriously IMHO.

As an aside, and by a staggering coincidence, I actually went to see
the HHGTG last night.  TBH I actually quite enjoyed it - in spite of
the many omissions and the wildly inaccurate ending it actually seemed
pretty fair.  The irony is that the film is bound to get bad press
from all sides because it fails to appease the book's anal purists
/and/ it probably fails people who are unfamiliar with the story too
because it neglects to put a lot of the stuff in context.

Still, I enjoyed it.  Well, I wasn't throwing things at the screen anyway.

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