[Wolves] Hello - first post from me !

Andy Wootton andy.wootton at wyrley.demon.co.uk
Tue May 3 21:17:24 BST 2005

Tim Childe wrote:

>I've finally got around to posting here, but I suppose I better
>introduce myself first !
>After years of on and off attempts at Linux, I've decided to give it
>ago again.  Mainly due to some bloke dropping in at our college to
>talk at my students and saying how good Ubuntu was compared to the old
>stuff !!
>More personal waffle, blah blah blah......
>So anyway, I've installed Ubuntu, and it's going sooooooooo much
>better than my other attempts.
>However, I have some problems that need urgent fixing.
>If you could help me with these I promise to try and work out the less
>urgent ones myself first ;-)
>1) GRUB insists on booting Ubuntu as default, but I need it to default
>to my Win98SE system.  My 4 year old only knows to hit the power
>button, wait, click on the big E !!
>I've tried editing the entries in the options on startup, but they
>don't save.  Is there a file somewhere like boot.ini in NT ???
>2) Ubuntu doesn't mount my FAT drives.  I got this working with RH a
>couple of years ago.  I remember it was MOUNT something or other, and
>to make it automatic I put the lines in a file somewhere.  I've failed
>with my attempts at MOUNT, and can't remember the file even if I
>remember how to do it !!
>Without my FAT drives i have to boot Win98 to do my work - which
>defeats the object.
>My system has 2 HDDs
>First has 3 partitions (C,D, & E in Windows)
>Second is just for Linux and has whatever Ubuntu did when it installed
>I have a few more problems, but those 2 are vital and urgent.
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Welcome. Here's your new members introductory gift.

The grub file lives in /boot/grub, I think. Make sure you have a 
different way to boot before changing it.


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