[Wolves] Hello - first post from me !

Tim Childe tim.childe.lists at gmail.com
Thu May 5 22:52:57 BST 2005

Well, under Ubuntu Live I can still mount all my vfat partitions and
they have my data on.

I have got something i don't remember

cat /proc/partitions 

gives hde2 with 1 block - I don't remember this !!!!!!


Also, I can't find my edited fstab to see if the numbers have changed
- the one currently in /etc/fstab isn't the one I put the exttra
drives in!!!!

At least it looks hopeful for a rescue attempt.

Now, to make my brain go back a few years when i did this stuff all
the time .........


On 5/5/05, Andy Wootton <andy.wootton at wyrley.demon.co.uk> wrote:
> Tim Childe wrote:
> >...
> >Realising it was now after midnight (by a long way) I decided to stuff
> >linux and get windows back - so I booted off a Win98 boot floppy, and
> >fdisk /mbr 'd it.
> >
> >Now on reboot it went to the disk and just went
> >
> >
> >I rebooted from floppy and tried to access my c drive and got the not
> >formatted error (general failure reading drive c) which is when I
> >checked with fdisk and saw it was type UNKNOWN
> >
> >
> I've seen the GRUB message when I've wiped the bootable partition but
> GRUB is still in the MBR.
> When you install Grub you have a choice of installing it on a partition
> (to be picked by the bootable flag using FDISK) or on the MBR
> Is there any chance you installed it onto your Win partition? That might
> mean the original MBR still exists but is jumping to where it expected
> to find Win but would find a non-functioning Grub instead. Windows
> wouldn't know what to make of it so would say it was type unknown. This
> is only a theory and I don't know how to get Windows back if I'm right.
> The best way forward would seem to be:
> a) Change the boot flag using your Win98 boot floppy to anything that
> might boot
> or
> b)  Iinstall Grub on the MBR and get it booting your Linux partition.
> Please don't do anythng without a second opinion. I'm far from confident
> that I'm right.
> Woo
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