[Wolves] Screensavers

Tim Humpherson tim.humpherson at gmail.com
Mon May 9 23:04:23 BST 2005

Hey, guys, does one REALLY need a screensaver if one owns a TFT screen?   

I think the screensavers are primarily for CRT users so that the
phosphor coatings inside their CRT monitors would lessen the wear/tear
(phosphor burn) thus making CRT monitors last a bit longer. 
[Hole-in-wall cash dispensers now have some kind of 'screensaver' by
flashing adverts about their banking products.]

....but TFT does not contain phosphors, only LCD, so would they also
suffer the same problem?  I think not.

Anyone know better than me?


Tim H.

PS.  From now on, I'll use Tim H. since there's another bloke called
Tim (Tim C.)!!  Welcome Tim, enjoy this LUG forum, Regards Tim.

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