[Wolves] Editors

Andy Wootton andy.wootton at wyrley.demon.co.uk
Fri May 13 20:39:54 BST 2005

chris procter wrote:

>>Check out: http://www.vi-improved.org/tutorial.php
>>Andrew Roberts                              ASCII
>Vi improved? so thats a forwarder to
>http://www.emacs.org then?
I'm not going to take sides because I hate them both equally. I came 
from DEC/Digital/Compaq/HP VMS where I was able to do everything I ever 
needed to using only the EDT (numeric) key pad. Installing Linux used to 
be the hardest thing you ever did and your only 'friend' was vim. 
Unfortunately it was the kind of friend that would stab you from behind 
and steal your money if you took your eyes off it for a couple of 
seconds. I think this is the biggest obstacle to moving to command line 
Unix from another system. I understand that the weird key combinations 
were necessary because there was no standard keyboard. Could something 
be done now that most people use PCs? If Gnome and KDE agreed on a 
default 'command line' editor and keyboard mappings then they could make 
it happen - or am I being naive?

My objection to Emacs is that it breaks the Unix 'do one thing well' 
rule. You can tell that it always wanted to be an OS when it grew up but 
was made to leave school and go into the family business. Don't get me 
started on the Evolution Outlook clone. It is WRONG!


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