[Wolves] Well done StarTech

Steve Parkes sparkes at westmids.biz
Sat May 14 15:13:52 BST 2005

Dick Turpin wrote:

>Digging around the install disk there are Linux drivers for all the
>versions StarTech make, now why cant other hardware manufacturers be as
Although it's pretty good they have drivers on the disk for Linux this 
will probably only confuse newbies because on a modern distro it 
shouldn't need drivers, they are just usb mass storage devices and the 
drivers will be included ready to use on most systems.

They should be available on most systems as soon as you plug in a card 
it should be automagically mounted.  This is certainly the case with the 
one on jennies machine which under windows shows as a bunch of drives 
(even when nothing is inserted) and under live cd's they are mounted 
when you insert media and look like scsi devices.


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