[Wolves] I lurve Kubuntu :-)

Kevanf1 kevanf1 at gmail.com
Sat May 14 18:54:48 BST 2005

Just finished putting a second (FAT 32 formatted hard drive) into my
Kubuntu tin.  Fiddled around with the fstab file and.....it works :-) 
You may recall the hassles I had with permissions using SuSE 9.2 and
this self same drive?  None of that, it just works as it is supposed
to with correct permissions.  I'm rather happy with myself because for
once I did not have to look up the configuration to write in fstab.  I
just remembered how to do it...WAHEY!!!  I am learning..at my age too
Take care.
Kevan Farmer

34 Hill Street
Cheslyn Hay

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