[Wolves] Editors

David Morgan david.morgan at wadham.oxford.ac.uk
Mon May 16 12:39:47 BST 2005

On 12:25 Mon 16 May     , Tom Mortimer-Jones wrote:
> > I've never understood this - why does everyone, and I mean everyone
> > (including me) always use :wq to save/close vi when :x does the exact
> > same thing?
> I use 'ZZ' which I think is easier than :wq or :x.
> Tom.

ZZ is the same as :x, but neither of these are the same as :wq. iirc the
difference is that :wq always writes to the file, where as :x/ZZ only
write to the file if changes have been made. However, :x + hidden
buffers is likely to lead to you exiting without saving something (I
think - there's definitely something that can go wrong when using :x,
and I'm fairly sure that that's it).


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