[Wolves] Editors

Andrew Roberts ar at nooneishere.co.uk
Mon May 16 23:24:07 BST 2005

Deusiah wrote:
> OK that's great, ":syntax on" worked thanks. I never thought you might
> have to turn it on.

There are a lot of options you might want to take a look at, for example
check out:

:help 'expandtab
:help 'shiftwidth
:help 'tabstop
:help 'cindent

And once you're happy with a particular setting add it to your .vimrc
file so that it will be preserved. Mine is below, not a particularly
complicated one, but it should give you a good idea of what you can do.


set et
set ai
set ts=2
set sw=2
set bg=dark
set cindent
set cino=>4f1s{1sn-2
set fo+=r
set tw=76
com Wq wq
set ffs=unix

autocmd BufEnter *.pc set ft=c cindent fo+=r tw=76
autocmd BufEnter ob*-*-* set list
autocmd BufEnter *.sql set sw=4 ts=4
autocmd BufEnter *.py set sw=4 ts=4

:vmap <Up> <Nop>
:vmap <Down> <Nop>
:vmap <Right> <Nop>
:vmap <Left> <Nop>
:nmap <Up> <Nop>
:nmap <Down> <Nop>
:nmap <Right> <Nop>
:nmap <Left> <Nop>

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