[Wolves] What makes Gnome/KDE slow?

Deusiah deusiah at gmail.com
Tue May 17 16:27:45 BST 2005

Actually this Openbox window manager does make some difference. It's
hard to tell sometimes because you can be opening slow programs like
Firefox or gnome terminal. Perhaps a solution is to use other

Replace Nautilus with Rox Filer, Metacity with OpenBox, Gnome Panel
with PyPanel or fbpanel etc.


On 5/17/05, Stuart Langridge <stuart.langridge at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I was wondering if anyone knows what makes Gnome/KDE slow. Is there a
> > specific component responsible like the panel or window manager? How
> > is it that programs like XFCE seem to have pretty much a lot of the
> > functionality of Gnome and still be fast?
> They are slower than some more lean desktop environments because they
> do a lot more. In the same way, Firefox is a lot slower than Amaya,
> because it does more stuff.
> > I recently replaced Metacity with Openbox but didn't really notice any
> > advantage and so have been looking at alternative desktop environments
> > but none really seem to be what I want as what I would like is Gnome
> > but faster.
> We'd all like that. :)
> Aq.
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