[Wolves] RE: Wolves Digest, Vol 87, Issue 12

David Morley davmor2 at hotmail.com
Tue May 17 18:55:49 BST 2005

>Yeah. On a kind of related theme, I'm thinking of
> > doing a "Ron" and
> > trying out Gentoo.... I think I'm bored with Ubuntu
> > - there's just
> > nothing to do to get it to work.
> >
> > David.
>Well if thats how you feel you can always get my
>ubuntu to work. UbuntuPPC doesn't support the
>trackpads on the new powerbooks :-(
>So yes I took the plunge and installed Ubuntu on my
>nice shiney new 12" powerbook. The install mostly was
>simple, the only tricksy bit being when it spent 10
>minutes looking for apt repositories on the
>non-existant network it was moments away from me
>assuming it had crashed and restarting the install.
>The major problem was the trackpad not working (this
>appears to be a "known issue") so I plugged in my
>mouse and a ps2/usb adaptor and it all worked.
>Impressions: Its very brown isn't it. Quite pretty
>though. Its obviously been well thought out with a
>specific aim in mind and only those things required to
>acheive that aim included.
>One of the things OSX has always had over Linux is its
>consistancy both of look and feel, and of
>configuration and use, Ubuntu doesn't quite manage OSX
>standards but its as near as any Linux distro I've
>ever seen.
>This is a two edged sword, on the one hand I've
>recently begun to find the multiple toolkits,
>configuration formats, and looknfeels of linux to be
>more irritating then fun (and like Dave I used to find
>getting things to work fun). On the other hand PLEASE
>PLEASE PLEASE can I have my min/maximise buttons on
>WindowMaker, gnome is ok but WindowMaker is da bomb
>(ahem sorry).
>So in all Ubuntu, its nice but its not for me (the
>trackpad is the real killer). Maybe when they
>introduce GNUbuntu, the Ubuntu with added GNUStep I
>will give it another go.
>Untill then debian, Yellowdog? Yellowdog, debian?
>Where there is choice there is misery, but where there
>is misery there is learn

Window Maker is available on ubuntu so is gnustep so is kde plenty of choice 
you just need to install it via apt-get of synaptic.  Try windows setup in 
the general gnome settings to change min/max icon (I don't know if it is 
there so don't quote just an idea.)

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