[Wolves] Badly in need of a forum?

Deusiah deusiah at gmail.com
Wed May 18 10:47:49 BST 2005

Not to sure what your on about? You mean the thing Gmail inline quote
gmail puts at the bottom of the page? I only see the last one, perhaps
Gmail adds them all and hides them from me? As I said this is the
first mailing list I have joined so my apologies.

Well I think this topic had changed from a "Can we have a Wolves LUG
forum" to a "Mailing List vs Forum" a long time ago but it's still
interesting for me to read others opinions.

I'm afraid my opinion wont be changed unless someone puts forward a
very good reason. The difference's between to two are fairly minimal
and I believe they both have pros's and cons so I don't think that
"very good reason" will exist for me.


On 5/18/05, Chris Ball <chris at mnemonik.net> wrote:
> Quoting Deusiah <deusiah at gmail.com>:
> >
> > For me forums will always be superior to mailing lists which in my
> > opinion are just a way of misusing a technology for something it was
> > not intended for. The result of which is messy formatting caused by
> > everyone not using the same client.
> >
> > Chris
> >
> Sorry Chris, it's been mentioned in this thread of mails a couple of times but
> there was no need for you to quote the entirity of the previous conversations
> underneath your point.
> Can we all shut up about this now, I doubt there will be an 'official'
> WolvesLug
> forum, but there's nothing stopping people going out and creating one of their
> own. Problem solved, lets get back to taking the piss out of Fedora users :)
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