[Wolves] Badly in need of a forum?

Tim Childe tim.childe.lists at gmail.com
Thu May 19 01:09:45 BST 2005

I can't beleive I just wasted so much of my life reading all of these posts 
 Just so it wasn't a complete waste, I'll coment, then run away and hide !!
 I like forums and mailing lists !!
 I used to dislike the lists, but then I got a decent email client. When I 
went to gmail - even better !
 The one thing forums have over lists is that they can be moderated after 
the evernt - ie splitting off the inane waffle from a decent thread, and 
letting each run it's course seperately. This is my main task as a forum 
Also, expletives etc, can be 'adjusted' !
  I'm active on about 6 lists and 6 forums - it doesn't make any difference 
to me.
 ps I do like avatars when they're genuine pictures !!
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