[Wolves] Peter's 5 Problems?

Steve Parkes sparkes at westmids.biz
Fri May 20 08:59:26 BST 2005

Andy Wootton wrote:

> Peter Cannon wrote:
>> Finally the most serious issue, Why are 18 year old sex kittens no 
>> longer interested in me?
> You are now a computer nerd. Welcome to our world. At least you can 
> stop wasting valuable hacking time on personal hygeine.

Grow a beard, you know you want to.  It's good to have a beard, it 
covers up when you don't shave, it stops you getting all inappropriate 
with 18 year old sex kittens and it can be useful as a food store in all 
weathers.  Get the beard you have always wanted and join the gang.

> Woo


I see anarchism as the theoretical ideal to which we are all gradually 
evolving to a point where everybody can tell the truth to everybody else 
and nobody can get punished for it. That can only happen without 
hierarchy and without people having the authority to punish other people.

    Robert Anton Wilson, the Utopia USA interview

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