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Dick Turpin highwayman.turpin at gmail.com
Sat May 21 17:57:37 BST 2005

Hi All

Hands up all those who are parents?

Hands up all those that swore blind they would never do or say what
their parents said or did?

Hands up all those who have in fact done or said what that swore they
would never do?

I had a quick look through the Wolves-LUG archives on Friday and all the
arguments that have happened this week happened about two half years

Remember the "Inner Circle"? What a twat I was (probably still am) it
got me thinking along the lines of parenting now I'm not saying anyone
is a kid or immature but it is a bit like growing up.

When your a Learner, Newbie or first timer, which ever you prefer you
have all these preconceptions. and just like a truculent child when you
don't get your own way you throw your toys across the room.

As time go's by being a member of this and other lists you settle down
and merge into they way everyone does things till one day you find
yourself stating exactly the same thing you virulently argued against
when you first joined.

The classic I always remember is my father telling me "School days are
the best days of your life" at the time I thought he was talking out his
arse and yet I find myself constantly telling my twins exactly the same

My god I'm turning into my Dad.

Dick Turpin
"Stand and Deliver"
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