[Wolves] modem/routers

Wayne Morris wayne at machx.co.uk
Mon May 23 12:33:59 BST 2005

Larry Tomkins wrote:

>I have been using the wonderful alcatel speedtouch
>modem  :o) upto now, but would like to connect more
>than one pc to the internet. Can anyone recommend a
>modem/router that will do the job without too much
>setting up hassle??
>Larry T.
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I've got a Netgear DG834G adsl wireless router for sale like this one:


Its nice and easy to set up, but has one major flaw (for me anyway) - it 
doesn't do port translation - so if you need/want to run
a webserver on 8080 for the outside world, and then point it at 80 on 
the Lan your knackered.

So I bought it, tried it and threw it in the corner, and bought a Belkin 

Not boxed, but with psu and disc - list price is around £85 - I'll take 
£40 or swop for equivalent CABLE wireless router.

First refusal to Larry since he asked about them, but anyone else want 
it if he doesn't?

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