[Wolves] Whoope Sound

Peter Cannon highwayman.turpin at gmail.com
Sun May 29 21:24:21 BST 2005

Evening All

I'VE GOT SOUND!!! :-)  *Suse 9.3* not had sound since 9.1 and my old, old 
serial scanner is working as well using xsane, never had that working before 
gave it a try on the off chance.

The only bugger is, at the moment, I can only get xsane to run as root user if 
I try and run it as peter it says "no scanner detected" I've no idea how to 
sort it and to be honest I don't fancy mucking about as I might lose it all 

I'm getting 30 or 40 error messages in /var/log/messages

May 29 21:07:53 darkstar hal.hotplug[9596]: DEVPATH is not set
May 29 21:07:56 darkstar hal.hotplug[9606]: DEVPATH is not set
May 29 21:08:39 darkstar hal.hotplug[9618]: DEVPATH is not set
May 29 21:08:42 darkstar hal.hotplug[9624]: DEVPATH is not set

Any ideas anyone?

Dick Turpin
highwayman.turpin at gmail.com
"Stand and Deliver"

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