[Wolves] Thanks

Andy Wootton andy.wootton at wyrley.demon.co.uk
Tue May 31 23:57:12 BST 2005

Larry Tomkins wrote:

>Thanks to everyone that offered help and advice on
>Being fiscally challenged I have opted for the no cost
>option, an old pc, smoothwall and an ethernet hub (?)
>and save the pennies for when I can have another beer
>Thanks again
>Larry T
An excellent decision. I haven't checked back, but yes you need an 
Ethernet hub or switch (if you have only UTP on your NIC) and a second 
NIC in the PC. Check they are supported.

If you really mean "old pc" then check the Smoothwall minimum spec. It 
was too high for the kit I intend to use. Have a look at OpenBSD if that 
is the case. The manual is excellent but I still haven't tried it yet. 
Last time I said this I think Sparkes said a raw Debian server is a good 
bet too, if you want to stick to Linux only.


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