[Wolves] Firefox and pop up ad's

James Turner james at turnersoft.co.uk
Sat Nov 5 03:35:43 GMT 2005

On Friday 04 Nov 2005 23:49, Dick Turpin wrote:
> On Friday 04 November 2005 23:17, Simon Morris wrote:
> > I've noticed a slight increase on Linux - but I don't go to many popuppy
> > sites.
> >
> > But on a few I've had unexpected popups.
> I've yet to experience this , I encourage my kids to use Linux for browsing
> for this very reason I.e pop ups, etc..
> Plus I and my staff use Firefox at work for this very reason, this is very
> disconcerting!
> You're not looking at that at that 'Naked Fish' site again are you?

I can also report seeing a small number of popups starting to reappear. As I 
understand it, these adverts are able to bypass the popup blocker by opening 
them from within browser plugins, typically (but not necessarily) Flash.


Your plea for help has been the final straw to spur me to action... I guess 
I'm just of a benevolent and altruistic disposition :).

Anyway, I've just made the config change recommended above on my browser... 
let's see what happens. Hope it works.



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