[Wolves] wanadoo broadband

Steve Parkes sparkes at westmids.biz
Sat Nov 5 15:14:01 GMT 2005

roundyz wrote:
> Is anyone with wanadoo on dsl?
> Do you need software to make it work (activate it every time you boot your 
> comp) or not? Does the modem just plug in to ethernet port and you just use 
> it like cable or lan?
> Please help me because i'm going to fix someones pc next week and need some 
> knowledge about wanadoo and dsl.

If they have a USB modem it will require the software to install the 
firmware every powercycle.  If they have a router the firmware will be 
in flash memory and you don't need to do this.  So it's entirely 
dependent on the hardware they have.


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