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Simon Morris simon.morris at cmtww.com
Wed Nov 9 18:10:11 GMT 2005

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Peter Evans wrote:

>> I don't understand :-s
> My interpretation -- his job involves customer support and for the first
> time
> in ages (ever?) there are no service management request on his queue.  

Yes, "ever"

> So
> being bored he blogged the fact and is able to trawl his mail/newsgroups and
> respond very quickly.  Of course there's another explanation - there's tons
> of requests, but his queue is broken or the service management
> infrastructure
> has melted!

Good point. I didn't check that. On the other hand I don't feel
particularly inspired to either :)

> Of course since the pictures been manipulated (for all the right reasons of
> course) we can't be sure that those 0's are for real :D

*cough* Umm. they are...

( That servicedesk software sucks by the way. Only works in I.E on
Windows, and I have a perpetual rdesktop session open to do ticket
management.. annoying )

>> > I'm a fake member of WolvesLUG and I live inside the M25 Car park so I'd
>> > need to get a longer leash for that drink
>> Phew thats £3.00 saved then ;)
> Blimey you must be on the expensive beer! (for up here anyway - that would
> possibly get you a half in Mr Morris's neck of the woods -- Can I have his
> pint?

Well - yes, Beer here is expensive... BUT - I went to the London Perl
Mongers meeting last week in a pub in Chancery Lane and it was under £2
a pint. Very rare.

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