[Wolves] PeterC joins the 21st Century

Andy Wootton andy.wootton at wyrley.demon.co.uk
Thu Nov 10 21:19:56 GMT 2005

Peter Cannon wrote:

>This is what I did wrong
>main line in box-->ADSL filter-->Doubler Adapter
>------------------------------------------>Extension-->ADSL  Filter-->Router
>What I should have done was;
>Main line in box-->Doubler Adapter
>------------------------------------------>ADSL Filter-->Phone
>------------------------------------------>Extension--ADSL Filter-->Router
>Great to see the girls on the Internet at the same time and no Dad clutching a 
>stop watch and his wallet.
Well done Peter.

I think the other name, "splitters", sometimes used for 2-port ADSL 
filters is much more descriptive. Their job is to split the normal voice 
tones to one socket and the high frequencies that carry ADSL to the 
other - by frequency filtering. This means that if you don't have one 
but you do split the signal using a conventional 'two extension plug' 
for phone and ADSL modem/router the signal has unwanted noise at 
frequencies neither device expects and is halved in strength. It MIGHT 
still work but your ADSL device will be getting a crappy signal too so 
it may drop in speed.

I've seen web sites that tell people that they need an ADSL filter for 
each of their 4 telephone extensions when they only needed 1 at the main 


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