[Wolves] PDA or Phone ?

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Tue Nov 22 09:39:17 GMT 2005


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> Hello All,
>     I'm not sure if this has been done to death but....
> I'm looking into a new PDA or Phone....
> I want WiFi, Bluetooth..etc I have a hp IPAQ 5450 but cant 
> get on with the 
> battery life so time for a change, so do I upgrade my phone 
> as I still have 
> the Nokia 6310i and it's a great phone 12k vo-coder unlike 
> the new phones 
> with 4k vo-coders (better voice quality but the mobile telcos 
> don't like 
> them because they use more bandwidth).....
> I think I'm going towards the PDA but am open to LUG reviews :)
> I have looked at the Dell stuff..etc
> What would you recommend...
I currently use a Nokia 9500 Communicator and to be perfectly honest, it
just works adequately as both phone and PDA. 

Its bulky, can be a little slow but there the only real bad point I can
think of. 
It does come wireless enable and all the usual Bluetooth, infrared etc
word processor, spreadsheet, presentation thing, which works that all I
can say about it, plus there is a python runtime for it, which may
appeal to people.



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