[Wolves] Out of date mails

Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 24 20:56:37 GMT 2005

--- Adam Sweet <drinky76 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> --- Peter Cannon <peter at cannon-linux.co.uk> wrote:
> > Hi All
> > 
> > Is anyone else getting mails from yesterday
> hitting
> > their in-box?
> > 
> > I've had four so far!
> Not here chief.

Actually, after I hit send, I noticed a couple of
mails out of sync, as I read in chronological order.
Earlier today I had noticed some appear 2 or 3 mails
out of place and thought someones clock was wrong
again. In fact you are right, there have been a few
mails from yesterday.

Should be right in a day or so.





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