[Wolves] okay Aq When will this be done?

Stuart Langridge sil at kryogenix.org
Sat Nov 26 06:58:00 GMT 2005

On 11/25/05, David Morley <davmor2 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Your amazing python vnc2swf one click video maker when will it arrive?
>  Or has it already as I am hopping to buy a half decent mic today or
> tomorrow.  Then I thought I might start make some vids next week using
> the current method unless your new all singing, all dancing version is
> available. :-)

OK, impatient git, you can wait a bit. :) I'm currently looking at
Istanbul with a view to hacking it; you may also want to look at it
(it's in Ubuntu 5.10). Alternatively, here's my script. Call it
screencast.sh. You will need to change the following things:

VNC2SWFPATH will need to be changed to point at the directory in which
you have pyvnc2swf.
You still need all the stuff you had installed before installed now.
You must provide an "i am recording" icon, or download and use
http://www.kryogenix.org/random/recording.png. Change the line "zenity
--notification  --window-icon=recording.png" to point to your icon.
To use it, run the script. It should pop up a window asking you to
press OK to start recording. As soon as you press OK, it starts, so I
would arrange your windows first. To stop recording, click the icon it
creates (a little camera, if you use my icon)  in the notification
area (which is the bit up at the top with all the little icons in). It
will save as Screencast1.swf and Screencast1.html on your desktop
(unless they exist, in which case it'll use Screencast2, etc). Have a
play. No guarantees; if it breaks you get to keep both pieces, ad


#!/bin/bash -x
##  screencast.sh
##  Quick recording script for UNIX.
##  usage:
##     screencast.sh

echo $0

VNC2SWF="python $VNC2SWFPATH/vnc2swf.py"
SWFEDIT="python $VNC2SWFPATH/edit.py"


usage() {
    echo "usage: $0 [-display display] [-name windowname] [-id
windowid] swfname"
    exit 2

# Put up a message
zenity --info --text="Select OK to start recording"

# launch x11vnc
$X11VNC -quiet -display ":0" -viewonly -localhost \
        -cursor -wait 10 -defer 10  &
# wait x11vnc
sleep 5
# launch vnc2swf
$VNC2SWF -n -S "arecord -r 22050 $wavfile" -o "$swffile" localhost:0 &
zenity --notification  --window-icon=recording.png  \
       --text "Click to stop recording"
kill $!
lame $wavfile $mp3file
$SWFEDIT -o $swffile.complete -a $mp3file $swffile

while [ -f $HOME/Screencast$COUNTER.swf -o -f
$HOME/Screencast$COUNTER.html ]; do

mv /tmp/$swffile.complete $HOME/Desktop/Screencast$COUNTER.swf
mv /tmp/$swffile.complete.html $HOME/Desktop/Screencast$COUNTER.html

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