[Wolves] Any views on Symphony OS and mezzo.

Peter Cannon peter at cannon-linux.co.uk
Sat Nov 26 18:53:00 GMT 2005

On Saturday 26 November 2005 15:35, Adam Sweet wrote:

> Erm, Pete, calm down old son, you've made a mistake. I
> *have* met Bobby, he is real. He *has* been to
> meetings. Remember Pete that people first thought
> *you* were a troll.


Bobby please accept my apologies

If Adam says he has met you then thats good enough for me. 

> I can see why you have thought what you are thinking
> but I seriously think you're wrong, I have met him in
> the flesh remember.

Yeah the similarity to past piss takes was astounding.

> Bobby, forgive Pete, he thinks you are an ex-colleague
> on the wind-up. Your emails are often badly written
> and difficult to understand and people find it
> difficult to help you because we are not sure what you
> are asking half the time. Please don't take offence.
> The problem is not that you are unable to understand
> the nature of the problem, more that you get the
> details mixed up, your emails don't read well and
> often don't make sense at all. Please try to be more
> clear and you may well receive more assistance.

Huh, he is no ex colleague what sort of person f&%@s up another persons 
personal interest.

Right, to try and make amends, Bobby, forget all the other distros you've been 
messing about with and get hold of CentOS  http://www.centos.org/ this is Red 
Hat EL repackaged. While it has the slight look and feel of Fedora its more 
stable has a lower update cycle  with the benefit of being in effect a clone 
of proprietary software.

To be honest every install I have done using it has worked so you should be 
alright with this with.

Peter Cannon
Fedora Core 4 & Suse 10.0

"There is every excuse for not knowing,
There is no excuse for not asking!"
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